Devoloping the international competitivenes of Bursa Composite Materials Sectors” Clustering Project.
The production of fiberglass, carbon fiber in Turkey, developments in the chemical sector and the existence of advanced textile sector, paves the way for the sustainable development of advanced composite materials and Bursa is one of the most crucial cities of Turkey regarding the development and progress of Turkish Economy.

Concerning with the Composite Materials Industry in Bursa, a Project called “Devoloping the international competitivenes of Bursa Composite Materials Sectors” which is carried out by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) with the support of Ministry of Economy Republic of Turkey was launched in 2016.

In this respect, the general aim of the project is that the companies in the cluster should be in a position to have a sustainable and competitive position in the world with high added value, “light weight at heavy cost” production and “heavy weight at heavy cost” production transition in Composite sector. In line with this aim, studies are being carried out to increase cooperation consciousness, to increase production quality and productivity, to enter new markets and to develop universal business models in order to increase export capacity of Bursa Composite Materials sector.

The cluster consists of 27 firms from different sectors (automative, textile, construction materials, mold and machine, chemical, plastic, aerospace etc.) This 27 firms are exporting their productions to the other different countries (Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Tunisian, Swiss, Spain, Greece, Israel, Belgium, Slovakia, India, Poland, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Korea, Makdonia, Ukraine, Iranian ) and looking for new customers for long term business.

Further the cluster aims to increase the synergy amoung the members and make Bursa a center composite activities in Turkey by using the current well developed industrial infrastructure of Bursa especially in automotive, machinery production and textile industries.